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Distribution management, a major component of logistics and supply chain management, was one field where competitive edges were being sought by manufacturing and trading firms, since the 1980s, as opportunities in production efficiency and product quality had become scarce.

Supply chain management (SCM) has since become recognized as the wider field, of which distribution management is but one significant part, where competition is now taking place. SCM presents many opportunities for better customer service, cost reduction, lower inventories and closer collaboration with upstream and downstream business partners and service providers.

As a cost, distribution is the major input to supply chain costs and typically represents between 5% and 10% of sales value in the Philippine setting. Inventories can reach levels of up to 25% of annual sales value or more. Many companies are just beginning to look into the measurement of customer service.

Supply Chain Management Association of the Philippines (SCMAP) is the new name of the Distribution Management Association of the Philippines (DMAP), a professional organization formed in 1990 by a group of companies operating in the Philippines with an original mission to achieve effective distribution of products and materials. Since then the organization has grown in membership, expanded its mission, and allowed membership for individuals with a keen interest and involvement in SCM.

SCMAP’s mission is taken from the mission of the US-based  Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP), but modified to include advocacies
The mission is two-fold.

  • To lead the evolving supply chain management profession in the Philippines by developing, advancing, and disseminating supply chain knowledge and research in the Philippines, and also
  • To advocate government policies, rules, legislation and private sector activities that improve supply chain management processes

SCMAP aims :

  • To provide opportunities for supply chain professionals to communicate in order to develop and improve their SCM skills
  • To identify and conduct research and surveys which adds to the knowledge base of supply chain theory and practice
  • To create awareness of the significance of supply chain to business and to the economy

SCMAP promotes the SCM profession by providing seminars, conferences, forums and training, by active representation in government activities relevant to SCM processes, and by encouraging active sharing of ideas among members, while keeping the organization highly professional, ethical and technically competent.


The association is run by a 10-person Board of Directors, and 6 Committee Chairs, annually elected by the general membership. The 10 directors elect among themselves a president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, auditor and public relations officer. These directors and officers have a one-year term of office. The activities are implemented by 9 standing committees on sea transport, land transport and air transport, warehousing, procurement, academe relations, membership, ways and means, and finance.. The by-laws provide for the establishment of chapters in Visayas and Mindanao.