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July 11th, 2012

SCMAP Perspective #279


Published in Port Calls, December 5, 2o11


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By Ed Sanchez
CMAP Executive Director

At the last GMM on Nov. 25, 2011, the SCMAP membership present elected the ten directors that would serve in the year 2012. The by-laws provide for a term of only one year, so there is an annual election

The election procedure was revised this year from past practice. Instead of electing the ten directors

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and the different committee chairpersons simultaneously, only the directors were elected. The committee chairpersons will be appointed by the new Board later.. This procedure allows flexibility and enables good performers to handle each position.

The top 15 vote getters were

1 Ike Castillo - Fast Cargo Logistics LSP #1
2. Arnel Gamboa - Benby Enterprises
3. Al Lagera - PLDT
4. Gabby Patag - TNT Express LSP #2/ #3
5. Cora Curay - XVC Logistics LSP #2/ #3
6. Lito Nepomuceno - Integrated Commissary
7. Anna Quintos - Globe Telecom
8. Max Yap - Oriental & Motolite
9. Dina Pilapil - IDS Logistics LSP #4
10. Sherwin Gonzales - Nestle Phils. Inc.
11. Olive Ramos - DHL Supply Chain LSP #5
12. Rene Casas - JG Summit Petrochemicals
13. Jet Chua - Messe and Handel
14. Dan Aguinaldo - Monheim Distributors
15. Lloyd Dizon - Koldstor Center LSP #6

Thr top 15 vote gettters included four LSPs,.Under the election rules, the number of directors coming from the ranks of Logistics Service Providers is limited to a maximum of two, There was an excess of two LSPs. There was also a tie between LSP #2 and LSP #3, which required a tie breaker vote.

After the tie breaker, the ten elected directors elected among themselves the six officers of SCMAP. Below are the results

President & Director Ike Castillo Fast Logistics
Vice-President & Director Gabby Patag TNT Express Worldwide
Secretary & Director Anna Quintos Globe Telecom
Treasurer & Director Lito Nepomuceno ICCI
Auditor & Director Jet Chua Messe & Handel
PRO & Director Arnel Gamboa Benby Enterprises
Other Directors: Al Lagera PLDT
Max Yap Oriental & Motolite
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JG Summit Petrochem
Sherwin Gonzales Nestle Phils.

Note that there are only two new faces, Anna Quintos (Globe) and Sherwyn Gonzales (Nestle). Ike Castillo is by no means new, having been SCMAP President in 2000 and first half of 2001.

The lineup of the 2012 Board and the officers was presented at the Christmas fellowship last Friday, dubbed “A Starry Starry Christmas Fellowship”.

One might notice the absence of Cora Curay, past President for six years. Not to worry. Cora will be here to continue her usual unselfish support and carry SCMAP to its goals. SCMAP will not function without Cora. No one can replace Cora. As written on her plaque for her special recognition award presented at the Christmas fellowship, “In grateful appreciation of the commitment to excellence, exceptional hard work and cooperation towards the successful completion of the SCMAP activities for the year”

The fellowship last Dec. 2 was a merry, noisy and loud fellowship, yet warm and friendly. Seen at the event were SCMAP friends – Mr. & Mrs. Meneleo Carlos (FPI), Mark Ayes, Jet Acena, Marlon Yap (UAP), Tet Gambito (CSPM), past officers Rolie Gonzales, Norman Adriano, Gus Arguelles, Richard Siy, Annette Camangon, friends from shipping lines Sharon Ngo, Bimsy Mapa, Jonathan Tiu, Mario Arnaz, friends from sponsors Jasmin Alvarez, Johana Guevara, Dave Alegado, David Perez, Gilbert Mercado, Joy Caballen, Rose Lozano, Jennifer Tiuhian, Jane Ocava, Ruel Arelas, Ruth Que, Jennifer Divinagracia. Apologies to those whose names have been omitted.

In addition to the above friends, there were “delegations from member companies, the biggest of which were from FastCargo, Smart, XVC, Transfluent Mgt..

Address inquiries and comments to Ed Sanchez at tel. 671-8670, fax 671-4793, cell 0918-914-1689, or email Those interested in SCMAP training and other activities are requested to send their e-mail addresses. Visit SCMAP’s website

December 3, 2011



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